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Tinnitus In Ear

Hi i have had this condition for about 2 years now , have been to the NHS ,referred to Blackheath Hospital , had ear tests and an earpiece made to 'manage ' the situation , and nothing has really changed , i struggle at the Valley with the acoustics , so if you see a guy with his finger in his ear or wearing headphones , its probably me , it started after a family bereavement and robbery at home and also attempted suicide by a family member (Who needs Eastenders!) someone mentioned the people below , just wondered if anyone had used it or knew anyone who had used it , i saw the address of Harley Street and didn't really want to remortgage the house , any help would be much appreciated, i have looked up the condition and read various websites , but to no avail as yet.

Thankyou in advance



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    I don't want to sound negative but a consultation for £185 for an hour and a half upfront before they even tell you how much the gadget costs looks like this is going to be very expensive. Some of the phrases also make it sound like it's going to be a bit hit and miss, which normally means a bit hit and an awful lot of miss. Something you won't know until you've spent a small fortune, in smallish chunks. £200 here, £500 there, you know how it works.

    My late Granfather had tinnitus - he worked as a Printer his whole life and basically the noise took it's toll. He did wear a hearing aid which helped, but he did struggle when there was a lot of background noise, but his Doctor said that there was no cure, and I haven't heard of any new discovery since.

    If you go for it, I really hope it works, but in my experience these clinics make a fortune praying on the desperate.
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    Pretty much got told after I had a scan of my bonce that showed no probs, I would have to live with it as without a known cause they wouldn't be able to fix it.

    I was told you get used to it.

    I haven't :(
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    Sorry, can't Help, but I've had this for the last 15 years. Was a drummer in a band, and someone set off outside "Fireworks" behind my head in the Crypt,Deptford, and had it since. Personally, I've got my "personal earpiece" but find that it gives me headaches. My doctor has "allowed" me 14 "low dousage" sleeping pills per month (3.75mg), and I take them when the "noise" is bad. Found that I have to live with it. Sorry.
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    a relative of mine suffered from tinitus .. diagnosis was high blood pressure brought on my stress .. the cure was a mild sedative to relieve stress and a pill a day to control the high blood pressure, she is not 100% 'cured' but the combined treatment makes the situation better than tolerable. Otherwise, ask for a referral to the Throat Nose & Ear hospital in Gray's Inn Road W.C. The hospital is now part of the Royal Free in Hampstead. Good luck 
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    I think I have this a little bit, not enough to bother me though. Only notice it in silent situations and even then its not to bad.
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    Regret that there is no way that I woould trust anyone at Harley Street. In the NHS, the running joke about what to do with 'bad' doctors was to pack them off to HS.

    If our own London teaching hospitals can't help, then I doubt that the sharks and charlatans will have anything to add. 

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    Not tinitus related bt I went to a very expensive consultation in harley street once.

    It was a shambles. Don't do it.

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    Pretty much got told after I had a scan of my bonce that showed no probs, I would have to live with it as without a known cause they wouldn't be able to fix it. I was told you get used to it. I haven't :(

    Same here, I saw doctors on the NHS and private and both told me there was no magic cure and that I would get used to it.

    It drives me nuts sometimes :-(

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    A fellow tinnitus sufferer here!!

    I think its down to the many hundreds of loud concerts I went to as a young whippersnapper.

    First noticed it back in 2007-ish - went to a specialist who said it was sinus related - had a very painful operation, which has done nothing to alleviate the problem.

    Had a brain scan for acoustic neuromas - nothing - neuromas i mean, they did find a brain in there.

    Had a hearing test only a couple of weeks ago & my hearing is good for my advanced years.

    Another consultants appointment next month - but not sure why - its basically a condition i live with & have become used to - it doesn't bother me too much, only when its really quiet do i sometimes lament that i have this kettle boiling in the background type whistle.

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    Cranial osteopath or sacral sans practitioner might be able to help as they direct the fluids around the head. This treatment did help my mum.
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    Thanks for your all your comments, sympathies to fellow sufferers its really not nice , some days i can cope with it , other days it really does do my head in , seems worse at the moment , maybe because i've been to see  Charlton play , but i really don't want to let it beat me, the Harley Street thing really freaked me out because theres no guarantees it will work even with expensive treatment , i'd not heard about a cranial osteopath before , although i mentioned it to my missus and she knew someone who been to one for something else , so will investigate.

    Apologies if i've been rude or abrupt with any posters in the past on here , tinnuitus does make me grumpy and offish at times , although i do try to look on the bright side of things, and try and concentrate on the good things in life, sometimes it gets the better of me.
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    If you Google craniosacral therapy with tinnitus you will find some info. My wife is a cranial osteopath so I know a bit about it. Osteopaths are like sub Doctors whereas a craniosacaral therapist has probably done an intensive course. The point being that you need to find a good practitioner who is confident that they can treat your condition. If you live in Kent. my Missus says that Stuart Korth in Tonbridge has a revered reputation. 
    Osteopaths (and chiropractitioners) press/crack bones back into place. The cranial osteopath sensitively redirects the fluids around your skull and vertebrae. Results are not necessarily instant.

    Anyway, good luck.

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