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My exhibition - This Saturday afternoon/evening (Sep 3rd) in Lee near Blackheath.

In case anyone is interested I have a solo photography exhibition on September 3rd at a gallery called Studio 61, in Lee, Southeast London SE3 9DS.

It’s called Other Lives and is images from the streets of India and Cambodia.

The exhibition runs from the 3rd September - 9th September but I am having a opening night this Saturday.

It’s from about 5pm – 8pm free entry and there will be some wine and nibbles.




  • Will be trying to get down for sure.
  • Cheers guys, Be good to see anyone who can make it down for a bit. As I said free entry and a free glass of wine.
  • Will it be red or white wine as this will influence my decision?
  • It will be white, and there should be a bit of cava about as well as I know you have more expensive tastes!
  • Good Luck with the exhibition, Il try n make it as Im down your way at the weekend.
  • Will it be red or white wine as this will influence my decision?
    Surely your an Asti Spumante man?
    In a pint glass ; )
  • if we come along will we feel obliged to buy something??  or can we just drink the cava?
  • There's absolutely no obligation to buy anything at all. I have no expectations of making sales. Most of the photos are more suited perhaps to an office space than someone's home, so please just come down, have a look, and have a glass.

    There is one piece that is in a silent auction, which will run for the whole week of the exhibition so you could always make an offer on that one but honestly there will be no pressure at all to feel like you should buy anything, and making sales isnt the point of it for me, it's about showing my work in print rather than on a PC screen and hopefully building up my profile at the same time.

    As an aside I believe the prices range from something like £55 for a framed mounted A4 print to £115 for a framed mounted A2 print. All prints limited edition of 10 prints. Very small markup margins.

    The silent auction piece is purely to raise funds for an orphanage in Cambodia called Aspeca to help pay towards food and mossie nets for them.
  • Just a little bump in case anyone is free tonight that didnt see this. 5-8pm
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  • We are going to pop over for a view. Good excuse to go to dacre arms after!
  • Unable to make it tonight but really hope it goes well for you, great pics. I know jack about photography but i know what i like.

    Call me regarding mon night.
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    Good luck with the show. Do you use HDR or any other types of process ? Either way, cool shots.. hope you do well
  • What a nice afternoon. Bumped into a few lifers while there. Greg's photos are beautiful. He's certainly a talented young man. He deserves our support coming from the addick family.

    He also serves up a nice white wine. And can also highly recommend the Carola restaurant few doors down. Great great food.
  • Glad it went well.

    BlackH A   the dentist in Blackheath called Smiles do a thing in Cambodia there is a book full of pics or their work in reception. Is this your work as well ?
  • Greg,

    Many thanks and you have a lot of talent mate!

    Best of luck for the rest of the week.

  • Yeah it's set out really nicely. Some fantastic photo's on show.

    Best of luck for the rest of the week.
  • Thank you to all of you guys who made it down to the exhibition. Your support is really appreciated.

    @shine166 I've used HDR in other work before but a lot of these are done using a very shallow depth of field, then boosting the contrast and unsaturating the colours.

    @Goonerhater No, not my work unfortunately.

    I'll put up a link later to the full set of images that are on show. They're still at the gallery until Friday.

    Thanks again.
  • This is a link to all of the images that are on show at the exhibition this week




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