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Car Breakdown Services

Another car related query....

I've been an RAC member for many years. Downgraded last year from 'personal' membership to registered vehicle only and saved me quite a bit of money.

Just got a second car and need to arrange breakdown cover. Been given a very competitive quote for Green Flag.

Anyone with Green Flag? If you have had to call them out, did you have a good experience? I know it is pretty much swings and roundabouts - I 've had good and bad with RAC so dont expect it to be any different with Green Flag. Most important thing is that they do what they say on the tin and are good with women (ie my wife) who break down at night....(fixing the car, not polishing her bumper). 


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    Great mate of mine currently works for RAC
    He recommended I change to Green Flag from RAC last renewal
    Used them once - no difference from RAC, just cheaper
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    I looked at moving away from the RAC but they have this commitment to their members that you can always renew on the same terms. A mate of mine who's an insurance broker reckons the cover I now have would cost hundreds of pounds with anyone else.
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    RAC & the AA have their own fleet of trucks, whereas Green Flag and a host of others just use a select group of local companies  -  i have tried all 3 and generally prefer the AA over anyone else.
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    Thought Green Flag were fine when I was with them.  Got towed from Carmarthen to Southend; no quibbles.
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    Worth looking at bank accounts where you pay a monthly fee and get AA membership amongst the benefits. Mine includes everything up to Home Start.
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    Worth going on a comparison site. You will be amazed at who and what is on offer in terms of breakdown cover.
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    I had been a member with the RAC for years and had the package with the supposed bells on it.I had to use them for the first time in 12 years and they were shocking.Car failed in the long stay car park at Glasgow Airport at 05:45 am after arriving home from holiday on an overnight flight with mrs and three kids,they finally got me home a trip of 40 miles for 1pm.Took them  an hour and a half to respond,the mechanic was a half wit,messed around eventually called a trailer to get us home that came from 50 miles away.I have since been looking and Ive been told that Green Flag is the best to go for because they don't mess around trying to fix things and just get you home and unlike the AA and the RAC they arn`t trying to sell you anything.My cover ends in November I will be going else where on principle.
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    I was with the RAC for a few years until last December. I was early for a meeting so stopped at a roadside cafe for a cup of tea. Foolishly I left the lights and radio on and got talking to the cafe owner while I was drinking my cuppa - somewhat bizzarely the layby was also full of German squaddies who were going somewhere for some training in tank driving. Then I went back to the car listened to the radio for a few more minutes and messed around with the Blackberry. Then I tried starting the car...the battery was totally knackered and I couldn't get so much as a cough or a splutter out the engine. A bit foolish of me not to check the battery levels but no matter I had my RAC card...Over four hours later after inmunerable delays the RAC guy finally turned up. To be fair once he arrived he was brilliant, got me started, and called ahead to a local Halfords to check that they had the right car battery in stock and then followed me there and fitted it quickly. But the four hour wait on a cold December day wasn't fun. I had to renew the membership a few weeks alter and chose the AA instead.
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