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Possible Email Scam

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Just received a mail from paypal claiming to be a receipt for £46.I hadn't bought anything and checked my paypal account and no sign of this transaction.It looked pretty authentic until I looked at the senders address and it looked iffy.I then compared it with my last paypal- ebay transaction email and its completely different.The scam seems to be that there is an easily accessible link to query the transaction which I presume will involve you giving your bank details.The dodgy address the mail came from is  Hope this helps!


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    You should probably make pay pal aware of this mate
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    Done it, just mailed paypal.
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    I get a few each day purporting to be from e-bay / paypal / banks (most of which are banks I've never held an account with).  All scams.

    A few generic tips -

    Any legit communication about your account (other than a generic circular) is likely to address you by name, not start "dear customer"

    It's quite easy to make an e-mail look like it's official, and to look as if it's come from a real e-mail address.

    The more spelling / grammar mistakes, or the more use of "American English" in an e-mail supposed to be from a UK business, the more likely it is to be fake

    If it's about an online account, then go to your account and log in there and see if you have any messages.  Anything that asks you to click a link in an e-mail, or fill in an "online form" should be treated with suspicion.

    The more urgent any e-mail sounds (e.g. "if you don't do what we say within 24 hours your account will be suspended") then the more likely it is to be a scam.

    Probably stating the bleeding obvious to most but may be of use to some...
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    Just had one from AOL saying that if I did not update my details my account would be suspended, as I have not done so for a long time I clicked on the link provided to update, fortunately it was blocked by Norton on my system as a known threat so beware. 
    It was received on AOL as well???
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    I got an email today saying the online transaction I'd made had failed. Said to open PDF file to see more details, but the file extension ended '.exe'. Never open stuff with exe on the end as it's an application that is going to run something on your machine.

    Sometimes they install tracking software that sends someone everything you type. After getting an email like a lot of people would check their online bank account to see if everything is alright - while unknowingly giving someone all their login details and passwords for their account.
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    ICI Investment is now threatening to sue me if I don't stop sending spam. Have to open their PDF to read all about it............mmmmmmmmmm can't wait.
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