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Question regarding recruitment - Are there any sites I can go on to actually browse CV's?

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Without being a recruitment consultant?

A lady I spoke to yesterday said I can pay a small fee to sign up as a recruiter and browse them and I've not had any joy as yet finding anywhere

Thanks in advance


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    Try LinkedIN - sign up best bet
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    What kind of people are you looking for?

    A lot of the job boards (jobsite/monster/reed etc) will offer you an hour or two free trial on the ir CV database if they think you are going to sign up (just blag it).  Say you want to find out the quality of the CVs before making a commitment and then rinse the database for the trial period. You'll soon know if it's right or not.

    Depending on the type of people, my first port of call would be LinkedIn though.  Join some relevant groups on there, start posting on the message baords (not overtly selling but subtle hints for people to get in touch).  Or you can just do some searches for specific people on there.
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    monster you can browse cvs i believe
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