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Where did you drink your first beer in a pub?

I recall that at 15, I managed to get into our School's Cricket 1st XI. I was told by the captain that this would require me to drink a beer or two after the game. I was not nervous about playing in the 1st XI with players three years older than me, but I was worried about the beer afterwards. My father had shrewdly offered me all the Forest Brown I could drink as (I think) a way of putting me off beer. The stuff was undrinkable.

For my first beer, I decided to travel from Charlton to a pub in Woolwich for half (yes, half) of bitter. I have no idea why I picked Woolwich. I think the pub was called The Star and I think it was on the corner of John Wilson Street and Wellington Street (other may know for sure). I am pretty sure the pub is long gone. The half seemed far more drinkable than the Forest Brown. I never looked back. And, yes, we won at cricket and I managed two pints after the game before staggering home.


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