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Bexleyheath Academy V's Welling School

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Anyone got any horror stories or good tales about either school. My 11 year old can't choose between the two.


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    Simple choice really...send Him to Cray Valley  Kemnal Manor.
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    Bexleyheath much better,played for rugby,football and athletics teams and welling were not up to much at anything.Mind I left in 84 so it could be different now!
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    Go to Bexleyheath Academy at the moment (Sixth Form). The school was shocking up till a couple of years ago, and since we have become an Academy, our school has improved a lot.

    The teachers have also improved which is quite rare for our school!-haha

    But saying that, i had friends who went Welling and were perfectly happy there. 
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    Welling is now part of the Kemnal Trust. They've really turned around some of the schools in their stable. They're on the up. In Swanley school they're now streaming with 20 in a class. Could be the same at Welling
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    My daughter has just started at welling, she was one of two from her primary school to go there. She loves it and has made loads of new friends and is enjoying her lessons.
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    I think that both schools have had there issues in the past, but as I am married to a teacher from one of these establishments, and our best friend is head of year at the other I know both schools have done a lot to turn both the academic, and attitude of the pupils around to there credit.
    Bexleyheath only became an academy in September, before that it was a trust, by the way? 

    Do not be fooled by exam results, some schools do not put there pupils in for the exams if they think they are going to fail them?.
    Obviously you want to make your child obtain the best academic and other social advantages that a school can attain. Try and speak to a couple of parents who are currently at the school, not that were there 5 years ago, as the teachers have probably moved on anyway, and as posted both schools like others have changed quite considerably.
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    Bexleyheath was bad for only putting you in for O levels unless they were 99% sure you would pass with a C or better.Saddened to hear that the place was poor until a few years ago.I enjoyed my time there,good set of mates I was only boy to go there from my primary school,and the only girl left at xmas in the first year.) The discipline was pretty good,the Headmaster was a bit of a physco very handy with the cane. The sports facilities were really good.At the time I was there the Elsa Road mob were seen as being the great unwashed!
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    Bexleyheath has great sport facilities which includes Goals and a recently installed Gym!

    Headmaster is a bit of a idiot, but he has helped the school a lot, and made it a better place. 
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    Thanks for the input everyone..
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