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Where's Chirpy gone



  • i thought that the other week.  very quiet.
  • yeah he hasn't come back to me about the bent betting patterns his mate at hush hush betfair would have seen in the sussex v kent 40 over match
  • I'm sure he's here in one form or another!
  • Driven out by the CL clique.
  • Chirpy can still be found at White Hart Lane on matchdays...

  • Maybe make a good 'would ya?' with a chest like that.....?

  • Called a pigeon chest Oggy ;0)
  • I think its called a breast Oggster.

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  • He was transferred to another site. The fee was undisclosed.
  • Last night I heard his Mama singing a song.................
  • Oooooohhh Wee.............................
  • yeah he hasn't come back to me about the bent betting patterns his mate at hush hush betfair would have seen in the sussex v kent 40 over match
     Chirpy has asked me to pass the message on to you that his mate at Betfair has told him that, as far as he was aware, there were no "bent" betting patterns in that game.

  • Cheers addick addict/ chirpy

    Ha ha I understand betfairs stance on this cos bent matches aren't good for betfair cos all the corruption takes place with them and is not good advertising

    The fact that someone on the betfair 'live' forum was calling the moody money going on to kent before it happened, during the game, really early on and the subsequent price movement on kent from 2.5 to 1.7 in three early overs just after they lost first wicket and the continued backing of kent when they looked in complete trouble tells its own tale ..... And the fact that 16m was matched and only 4m the next day on a similar match hmmmmm

    79 for 0, requiring 215, sussex were and catches were being spilled by kent turned into 84 for 4 and 4/5 runouts and stumpings when only a run a ball was required with wickets left made this a completely moody fixture
    A week earlier kent were 1.5 to score 48 off 32 balls with 4 wickets left at middlesex
    Sussex needed 40 off 36 balls with 3 wickets left against kent and were trading 6.5 (all the above is approx , I'm only accurate with away followings)

    And yes very bitter about the corruption cos I lost (serves me right , I had the opportunity to not lose but hoped I was being paranoid !)

    Good luck chirps
  • hes not dead he s he s restin ...stunned !
  • I hope all is well with Chirpy and family.

    Despite his blind spot regarding the undoubted qualities of Radostin Kishishev I've always enjoyed our jousts on here (and netaddicks back in the day) and feel confident that Mid Life Crisis' tongue is firmly in his cheek in suggesting Chirpy has been driven away by the clique.

    He's never shown the slightest iota of sensitiveness before! :-)

  • I have put my feelers out in the market to ascertain his whereabouts.
  • Maybe he indicated right on a roundabout when going straight on and finally came a cropper?! :-)
  • He's being held captive in Alan Green's dungeon !
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  • He threw a hissy in the the 'Albums without a duff track' thread, finding some choices unbearable. Declared himself 'out' soon after.
  • oooh i went and searched.  So he did.  he did have a point in his post but as always stated it completely over the top.

    "The thread says Albums Without a Duff Track.

    I honestly
    think 99% of those named could be challanged. It's turned into, as
    usual, me,me,me naming albums that are supposedly critical classics, but
    in reality fall into the catergory of Emperor's New Clothes. Obviously
    Rumours, Thriller and Tapestry don't come into this set.

    ever any popular art form thread on here becomes a case of boring,
    boring people trying to out do each other on so called cultural
    awareness. To be fair Henry Irving is no longer the worst example of
    this. Even he has grown up a little and doesn't try to preach Art for
    Art's sake anymore. I'd like to think I have had some influence on him
    and his recovery from his acute grandiose delusions .

    he is no longer a problem but many are. This website used to be good,
    now it's crap, and for that reason.........I'm out."

  • Duncan Bannatyne is Chirpy by his last paragraph comment
  • Chirpy - last seen supping champagne in the market porter.
  • ex-colleague spoke to him a few minutes. Is currently staying away as a few people peed him off. Might come back soon.
  • ex-colleague spoke to him a few minutes. Is currently staying away as a few people peed him off. Might come back soon.

    Quite ironic as he spends a lot of time seeing how many people he can wind up. I'm allowed to say that as he knows me :-)
  • I don't know him, he doesn't know me, but have no problem in saying that he behaved like a dick in that thread.
  • He is right though.

    Henry is a pretentious ponce :-)

  • Thanks for the concern folks. Even BFR was moved to comment, which was nice.

    HWankfield, you're right. I don't know you.

    I've missed you too Len. 

    I've been asked to come back to sort out a few who have sadly got out of hand during my sabbatical.

     If it falls to me to start a fight to cut out the cancer of bent and twisted posting on our board with the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play, so be it. I am ready for the fight. The fight against falsehood and those who peddle it. My fight begins today. Thank you and good evening.

  • Good lord, it sounds like getting Mike Parry to sort out the global banking crisis...
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