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Looping Star

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Anyone remember almost chucking up on this baby?



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    Wouldn't go anywhere near it mate!
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    I remember when it seemed huge.  What happened to it, last time I went to Margate it wasn't there.

    It doesn't compare to the coasters of today though.
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    we rode it 15 times in a row when i was about 15-16 loved margate back then
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    I made it past that one but on the next ride the eight cans of beer finally caught up with me :(
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    as seen in the jolly boys outing.. real shame what happend to margate, absoulte hole now, would love them to get it back to how it was.
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    Big shame that Margate is now a complete dump.

    Full of 13 years olds with Bayyybieeess.
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    Last I heard, they were trying to re-open the site as a nostalgia rides theme park.

    Big shame about Margate. Used to buy the train/admittance to Benbon dual ticket. Spent many days down there in the summer hols. One of the most deprived areas in the country now. 

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