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Covered End Away - The new generation

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I have rarely been able to get to away matches recently but managed to arrange a business trip in the right direction for this weeks Wycombe match. I was staying overnight locally so popped into the ground at 5ish to get a ticket and got a seat behind the goal in block D. Had me dinner back at the hotel and strolled into 'Scores' for a pint of the black stuff and was pleased to see our fans in numbers and mixing with the Wanderers fans with no problem.
Sqwelched up to my seat (and anyone caught in that downpour will know what I mean) and realised that I was directly in front of a group of 15 year olds with a drum.Discretion being the better part of valour and my old shooting eardrums needing a rest, I moved nearby and observed the new generation of covered end with some interest.
Wow, what an atmosphere. 2 hours of non stop singing and clapping to the drum and this was from everyone in the stand - not just the kids. Our team must have felt fantastic to have support like that away. Most away games I have been to were embarrassing in the lack of vocal support so this was a revelation and full credit must go to the energy and enthusiasm of those kids who started everything off and kept going all through the match.
OK so there wasn't a sentence spoken around me that didn't contain an 'F' and  'C' but at that age they think that is 'being hard' and they will hopefully grow out of it when they realise it makes them sound like juvenile twats but, hey, I wasn't exactly a paragon of virtue at that age myself.
So at the risk of sounding, old, past it and out of it, well done lads, 10 out of 10 and keep it going. Your team should be proud of you and feeling a million dollars walking out on a pitch with support like that.


  • m2. I'm sorry but we cannot have you coming on this site and praising the away support.

    One more positive post and you could be in serious trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Well said m2
  • Don't go upsetting Ohh-ah now m2...
  • Well said that man!  In previous seasons it has to be said some of our support has been somewhat embarrassing in its inaudibility...I've noticed it myself just by listening to the matches on CAFC Player.
  • Bear in mind that the football over the last few seasons has been nothing to shout about.
  • nice post m2 and the fact we were winning would have kept the others there joining in

    they definitely tried to keep it going at stevenage but unfortunately we weren't winning and the joining in was limited from our support and not the inspiration that the team needs but what you say about the drummer and posse is right their unrelented enthusiam to support their team is impressive , just a shame not everyone joins in unless we're winning

  • I join in when I want to.

    When the singers started songs about our team and players they got lots of others joining in.  Thankfully very very few people joined in with certain other songs sung at Wycombe and I'm very very pleased about that. 
  • A positive thread about our support. Beautiful.
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    15 year olds swear because it makes them feel hard?
    Well thats completely wrong. Its just part of language nowadays, just like any other word.
    Swearing has nothing to do with 'being hard'. However I know someone who got 'lad status' after failed attempt at train surfing.

    Good effort away support.
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  • Empty pots make the most noise is a saying my mum always used to sat to us when we were playing up but there is a grain of truth to it and like it or not, the more boisterous and vociferous are likely to say a few things that don't appeal to all. Doesn't bother me in the slightest and i'm very much in the 'that's football' camp whereby normal civilised human behaviour can be left at the turnstyle. If i want intellectual conversation i'll go to a dinner party (having said that i normally try to lower the tone at them as well)
  • Great post M2
  • How many did we take in the end?
  • Representin da yoot!
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    It was Golfie and Large I saw it with my own eyes.
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  • Bigupdayoof
  • 1.1k? The away holds 2k doesn't it? And I came late and missed the first goal and just got in the turnstiles when they were kicking off and the place was jammed, me and my 3 mates had to stand at the top on the steps in block D behind the goal. Surely it was more than that?
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  • They do swear to make them feel hard - I did it when I was a teenager for that reason. It suddenly dawned on me, thankfully after not too long, that I was being a **** -excuse the swearing.
  • Good post. That's at least 3 four figure away attendances in a row, now bad.
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