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OT Pet Vaccinations!.

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Hello off topic just passing on some money saving option,pets cost a lot of money with vaccinations every year.A new pet store has opened in Dartford which is a lot cheaper then pets at home etc for vaccinations they even offer a life vaccination for pets.Its called Jollyes Superstore health retail park princes road da12qa.


  • With respect, anyone who pays what they (PAH) charges deserves what they get. Pets at home are the B & Q of the pet world you pay for the convinence I'm afraid. ; )
    Whats a 'Life Vaccination' ?
    It implies one jab lasts forever and covers 'Parvo' through to kennel cough etc which dependent on who you believe exists now.
    I'd certainly be interested in what the insurance companies have to say about that one, the robbing ba****** insist dogs have a yearly £60 booster despite theories that it does no good/harm as once the gear is in their system it never leaves.
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