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Charlton Stats on Football League

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Shooting - Charlton are 12th in the most shots per club; 87 on target and 67 off target whilst hitting the woodwork 5 times so far. This shows we dont need many shots on target to score a lot of goals, therefore means we're clinical. BWP has had the most shots in the division; 31 on target and 14 off target but he is yet to hit the woodwork. This shows that on average he needs 3 shots on target to score. Clinical.

Discipline - Charlton have only conceded 146 fouls in 15 games, 18th in the league and we have the best record in terms of cards as well with only 15 yellow cards which is fantastic record to have. Paul Hayes has been the player for us to have conceded the most fouls, which is 17.

Clean sheets - Charlton have kept 5 clean sheets in 15 games, joint 3rd best. However, it hasn't been too many times we have conceded more than 1 in a game which is another good record.

What I am basically saying is, all of these stats are something to look at and think we really are doing well at the moment and credit must be given to the management and playing staff for how well we have done so far. However, as we all know, the only stat that matters in football is points and to top it off, and as it goes we are top of the league and top of that stat as well.



  • Also we have got the best away record in the country !! COYR ...
  • Also, we've got the most points!
  • I also think that the goal difference tells us a lot about the league. If two teams are close I always say that the goal difference is a guide to future results. My theory is that a team near the top with not such a great goal difference will come unstuck because they must be sneaking wins too often. Such wins could easiliy become draws further down the line.

    Look at the goal difference. Us and Huddersfield are streets ahead of the rest.
  • Good point jimmy.
  • I was thinking that -Goal Difference does tend to show up the best teams. It doesn't mean too much in actual terms - well an extra point possibly but it shows how much better a side is.
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