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Big Bent speaks out

from vital football:

Bent has been a stand-out under new gaffer Alan Pardew. His effort and work rate has improved massively and he says: 'It's been a difficult season for me, one of pure frustration.

'Iain Dowie was in first and he had his favourites and I never really got a run in the side. Then Les Reed came in, the less said about that spell the better. He only picked me for a few cup games, and it's hard to get form without a decent run in the side.

'But Alan Pardew's been honest with me. He's shown a bit of confidence in me and has given me a run, and I'm happy with how I'm playing now.

'I think the amount of work I've done in the past few games shows what it means to me to play here and be a success.

'My whole Charlton career, even with a few injuries taken into account, has been a big frustration.

'I've not really shown what I can do - or really had the chance to show it. When I moved from Everton I was playing like I am now, chasing everything and giving it my all week in, week out.

'All I need now is a few goals. That's what I'll be judged on. In fairness, I've been playing up front on my own in the last few games and it's hard to hold the ball up, bring others in and create chances for yourself at the same time.

'But, as cliched as it sounds, I don't mind if I don't score for the rest of the season as long as we win games and get ourselves out of trouble.

'Still, this is definitely the happiest I've been in my Charlton career so far.

'I just hope I can keep playing and keep producing a good level of performance.'

With Darren Bent set to return from injury next week it looks set for both Bent's to be running the front line in Pardew's preferred 4 4 2 formation.


  • don't worry mate, its been frustrating for us as well....
  • needs to bag at least 5 goals on top of what darren gets by the end of the season. i applaud his running but that doesn't win matches.
  • I can't help but think of the abuse (on the other board) Bartlett used to get when we played 4-5-1.

    Yet he still managed a goal every 4 games.

    Marcus is showing some improvement under his new teacher but needs to start scoring:-)
  • Len, do you think this is Kish's last season at CAFC?

    He's not getting into squads now and the signings of Song and ZZ are surely an indication of Pardew's thoughts?
  • Thing about Marcus Bent is he's tall but not that good in the air..
  • [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]Thing about Marcus Bent is he's tall but not that good in the air..
    at first i thought that razza but in recent games i think he has been winning a hell of a lot in the air. the problem is that he is winning it for absolutely nobody to run onto!
  • how many has he scored with his head? 1? Mind you he aint scored many with his foot either... that latter could be forgiven, by the former or vice versa...

    : )
  • [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]Thing about Marcus Bent is he's tall but not that good in the air..

    either is crouch and he plays for england.....
  • I think he's fairly decent in the air, maybe the issue is the supply? As a lone striker he drops deep and tries to play runners in behind rather than Baby Bent who when he's up on his own is always the furthest man forward

    Can you remember the last cross whipped into the box for him to attack?
  • He don't hold the ball up, that should be his main job.

    Andy Hunt held the ball up 100 times better than Big Bent.

    Plus 1 in 10 passes he tries are too clever for the rest of the players, sad as it is he should try to hold the ball up and win a free kick, gives the rest of the players a chance to get out of defense.
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  • Last year, he scored with his head away to Chelsea on his debut, and scored a thumping header from a brilliant Kish cross at Man City.

    So he can score with his head - if he gets the service.

    In the thread above, T has made a good point, I feel.

    Don't forget, he is having to play selflessly for the team effort - and to orders demanded by Pards' tactics.
  • [cite]Posted By: T[/cite]Can you remember the last cross whipped into the box for him to attack?

    Yeh, Hughe's from the right against 'Boro.
  • Looks like this was ripped off from last Friday's South London Press - full story.
  • That link's slightly broken Inspector
  • he can score with his head on rare occasions, but how many times does he win the ball in the air..
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