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Skylounge - Mint Hotel - Tower

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Met a mate of mine last night who had been in the Skylounge at about 4pm and some fella in there just got up and took a running jump off the top. Landed on a row of parked motorbikes underneath apparently and got cut in two. Was still there when the police let them leave after an hour or so.

My mate had been having a bad day up until that point, but he said that witnessing something like that made him realise that he had nothing to complain about. Lots of distraught people in there and one bloke had collapsed and was unconscious. So sad.

Was looking for news online but can't find anything. Anyone else hear about this?


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    Blimey, that's horrible.   I used to work in a 15 story building that someone had jumped from about a fortnight before I started; people were still in shock then.  

    The worst one I heard of though was of a guy who jumped but didn't hit the deck. Instead, his thighs were skewered on some park-style pointed railings that surrounded the building, leaving him just dangling there in agony.
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    God that is dreadful. Such a good spot too. Terrible to witness something like that.
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