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Advice on House building work required. Costs / recommendations etc

I am just in the process of buying a new house that we will be doing some work on straight away upon moving in. I am a classic 30 something year old who has always been carried along in all DIY by my Dad and havent a clue how much things would cost etc. Can anybody here give a finger in the air estimate for the following jobs - cost wise? In addition, I am on the look out for anyone in the Surrey area (New Haw, near Woking) to take on the work:

1) Converting half of a double integral garage into a playroom (brick up front and stick a window in, raise floor, new wall etc). The room would be about 15ft by 8 ft - most quotes I have had online from Garage Conversion Company / Homebase etc have been c£7-9k.

2) 11 x new interior doors to be fitted and hung (assuming doors and dressing are supplied) - anyone know a good chippy? Took a guess @ c£50-60 per door.

3) New front door fitted and hung (assuming doors and dressing supplied) - as above, good chippy? Guessed at c£125 to fit this.

4) Knock down one wall between kitchen and dining room (it is not, I believe, a supporting wall)

5) Lay Amtico flooring (yes, I have already had a coronary after seeing the price of that flooring) in the above playroom and Living / Dining Room (approx size 22ft by 11ft)

6) Knock out and plaster over a fireplace in the living room.

7) Fit new toilet and sink into the downstirs toilet, plus a little bit of tiling to make it look nice (in my wifes words)

On the lookout for someone to do the above work. Not sure if someone would do the lot, or get specialists in. I am a complete amateur in this as have only lived in New Builds before. All help and cost estimates appreciated!


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    Did something similar last year although we literally gutted the entire house and started again from scratch. We were lucky though that my stepdad did a lot of the work himself. Only thing I can really comment on is the internal doors as we got a bloke round to do those for us. He charged £35 a door. We got his number from the local rag so have a look in there. Not sure he'd cover your area but there's usually loads of 'handymen' advertising for this sort of job.
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    Thanks for the advice on the doors. I had £
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    My mates dad has been in the buisness for 30 years. if you fill out a form on there you would like to be done or call him then I'm sure he can speak to you about it. He's a nice bloke and thinks of customer satisfaction first. Say Sean gave you the details via the website. 

    EDIT: Also check out the Gallery and you will see a bungalow he built and designed 10 years later the picture is.
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    here in the usa there are websites where you can put jobs out to bid without meeting the contractors, maybe there are similar ones over there? you will get an idea of the cost
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    sent you a message mate
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    If you're in Surrey they have loads of members signed up to the scheme and if there's any problem you can get it sorted out much easier through them if required.

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    I always go through the local council website. They normally do a fairtrader scheme.
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