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NEW ARTICLE: Bounced out of the Kangeroo Court?

A view on the Sankofa legal shenanigans


  • I think the most important sentece is the last one "it'll be interesting to see what the disciplinary process is like next season".

    I reckon this will all stay hushed-up until the end of the season so that there aren't suddenly loads of appeals and court cases etc etc and everyone starts with a blank sheet next season with, perhaps, new rules.
  • Looks like the FA will probably come up against the EU employment laws. The additional games ban is surely a restraint of trade?
  • .....I've seen the kangaroo..boing boing!
  • Interesting stuff. I'm intrigued by all of this, but no surprised that the press have not bothered about it.

    Can you imagine if it had been Wayne Rooney, or someone from Chelsea or Arsenal?!
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