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ok, think i managed to work it (knowing some html came in handy)

but, i had to delete loads of stuff before the links came up. it tried to copy all of my text a few times? not sure if thats right?

i wrote my post, then wanted to change the url's into links, so clicked the world button above, put in the link, and the title, then pressed ok, it appeared in html format but copied my message again. then did it again for the other link and it did the same, so i had 3 copies of my message there? till i deleted it all anyway....
is that something you can look at in the programming? or will we just have to delete it all>?!?


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    If you want hyperlinks to render correct, just type or paste in the entire URL, with and it will render (if you're in plain text mode). Otherwise, using BBCode format, don't type or paste until after you've used the format bar, type until you need to insert a link, then click the link button (world) and type paste the URL and name you want in there, then continue typing the message after the code is inserted. Does that make sense?

    So if you've already typed/pasted in your links, just use plain text, otherwise use the format bar and BBCode. In other words, the format bar won't re-work the links you've already made... Clear as mud! LOL.

    Feel free to test it out here (use fonts and colours too) if you like.

    EDIT: Small correction, so long as you put/paste http:// (whether plain text or BBCode mode) you'll get a link.
  • twickenham seating plan

    oh i get it. do hyperlink first then do the text otherwise be prepared to get deleting

    by the way, the reason i'm lookin at that link is because i picked up my vip tickets for rolling stones today (for the gig next tuesday) and found out we're in block A3, row 1, seat 1 and looking at this link, i'm rather excited!!!!!
  • you won't be when you find you've got an 8 foot fluffy mascot stood in front of you all game...
  • Suzisausage, the original A-blocker?

    Well this is actually an excuse to revive the oldest posting here and irate this poster, ;-)
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