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Ok, I know I'm probably going to sound like a right mug but ... I'm very confused as to the line-up today, was it just me or was Hamer given a straight red on Saturday? That's a three match ban normally isn't it? And yet he was playing in the game today ... did we complain or something and get the ban lifted? Also, why was Taylor dropped? Was this something to do with him picking up too many yellows or was he just shifted out? If so, I can't see why ... 

Apologies for asking questions that were probably asked and answered a million times in the pre-match thread but I missed it and my curiosity is killing me :')


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    hamer's red is only a 1 game ban because it was for ' denying a goal scoring opp' rather than violent conduct which is 3 games. but hamer could play as we appeal'd the decision and hamer was allowed to play. and taylor was dropped probably because of fitness. a strain on him to play 2 games in 48 hours. nobody is close to yellow card suspensions as it went back up to 10 yellows for a suspension at the turn of the year 
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    spoke to Kevin Nolan before the game, Taylor was carrying a knock and rested to the bench
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    Ok cheers guys!
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