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Ear Gauges

edited January 2012 in Not Sports Related
Can someone tell me what these are all about? I mean, why? Why would you want to do that?

Saw a fella with a massive hole in his ear earlier today. Looked like he needed psychiatric help for all sorts of reasons.

What next, lip plates? Neck rings?

(PS. Don't seem to be able to post pictures - which is probably just as well)


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    You never complained when Eric was serving you in our gaff, Dave? ;-)
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    Did he have one in? Blimey.

    Still, I have an excuse - I was doing my bit for the Algarveaddick/Portugese budget deficit and spent the whole weekend smashed. There's a few Tina Turner's that benefited too!
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    Fair comment, well made David... :-)
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    Still don't "get" them though. The one I saw was the size of my fist. WHY???
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    Because young chicks dig them.
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    Reckon you ought to try it Off_it, might give you an objective opinion on it then ;-)
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    i have always wondered why you would do that, i understand piercings and tattoos but i saw a guy the other day with one that i am sure my little boy couldve put his whole arm in, it was obscene
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    I am old. What exactly is an ear gauge ?
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