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top 5 songs of ... Nine Inch Nails

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suggestions ...


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    think 99.9% of people on here wont even know who they are mate.. saw them open for guns and roses at wembley back in the day..
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    The most unexpected thread on CL!

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    I don't know much of their stuff but from what I do:

    1. Head Like A Hole
    2. Wish
    3. Starfuckers
    4. Closer
    5. Hurt
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    Terrible lie
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    .... you like an animal
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    I remember when I first played The Downward Spiral, when the chorus to Closer started I had to suddenly dive accross the room and turn stereo down as Grandparents were in the house!

    1. Closer
    2. Head like a hole
    3. Hurt
    4. Something I can never have
    5. I Do Not Want This
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    My new favourite thread! If you want heavy(ish) songs then:
    1. Reptile
    2. Heresy
    3. Sin
    4. We're In This Together
    5. Wish

    Or if you want lighter stuff (which is all amazing)
    1. And All That Could Have Been
    2. La Mer
    3. Zero-Sum
    4. Something I Can Never Have
    5. The Great Below

    Saw them at their last London gig in 2009, was a bit too young to have really got into them/seen them on previous tours. Frighteningly good live.
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    The most unexpected thread on CL!

    Probably not
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    no paticular order...

    1. hurt
    2. march of the pigs
    3. leaving hope
    4. wish
    5. the line begins to blur
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    5 - Closer
    4 - Hurt
    3 - Ringfinger
    2 - Down In It
    1 - Something I Can Never Have (one of the best songs ever written)
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    Closer is a great track for a girl stripping at stag parties
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    One of the most important bands of the 90s.
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    Hurt but Cash did it better
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    i saw them open for guns as well at wembley

    my top 5

    1 head like a hole
    2 terrible lie
    3 something i can never have
    4 hurt
    5 kinda i want to

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