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Michael Slater running marathon for Demelza

Guys, the Chairman has asked to make Lifers aware he is running the marathon this year for Demelza.

Demelza has been a charity since we started this site that we have always done our best to promote and raise funds towards. I'm sure you'll get getting lots of sponsorship requests from friends in the run up to the marathon, but if any of you are in position to support Michael (no matter how small), i'm sure he and Demelza will be extremely grateful.

You can donate to his

You can read his updates,,10267~2579321,00.html



  • Will donate after I get birthday monies :) Would love to run the London Marathon for charity one time.
  • What a nice guy will sponsor
  • I will donate a little nearer the time. Great cause, great race, great day, great man. Remind us all nearer April!
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    Great gesture and well done to him, have just donated, what a nice man at a great club as well as all the greats above
  • I will also donate nearer the time - I'm thankful for what he, as head of the 'new regime' has enabled CP to do this year and it's an opportunity to just give a bit back, even if only in a very small way.
  • Good luck Slats!

    My missus is running it this year.Told her to just try and beat the fella in the metal diving suit!
  • Good for Slater for doing this. Deserves a lot of credit what he is doing.
  • The list of names on the donations page could be interesting reading
  • £20k+ for Demelza - BUMP
  • Think he and Demelza deserve our support especially on this dotty day
  • Sponsored links:

  • Agreed £20 + gift aid
  • Two Michael slaters in the race, not sure which one he is ...halfway through one is2 hrs 8 mins, other is 1hr 55 mins
  • Well i guessed which one it was due to the age bracket he was in.
  • Ahhh! Didn't look at that
  • How did he do?
  • One site shows him as finishing in 4 hours 10 mins. Not 100% its the right Michael Slater though.
  • Would say It is him as in that age bracket. Saw him and gave him a cheer!
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