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Letting issue

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I rent out a flat in Hackney and the tenant has died. Does anyone on here know what I need to do? There don't seem to be any relatives and they were on their own with no close friends as far as I can tell. Our letting agents eem clueless as well.
It's complicated by my living in Ireland.
I'm a bit worried as our finances are really tight - flat in neg equity and rent doesn't cover the mortgage - and can't afford even a short period without something coming in.


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    I guess you need to have the place cleaned out and deep cleaned. The tenant's personal affects will more than likely need to be placed into storage, to hand over if family is found.

    I read about lots of people in East London not having there let renewed this year and looking for new place. (Olympics, related) So you should find someone quick quickly and you might even get more rent to cover more of your overheads.

    Sorry about the finance situation as when the Olympics are on you would make a killing in the 4 weeks.
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    Do you pay your agent to manage the property, or does he just find tenants and take a fee for introducing?

    If you pay him to manage it then tell him to sort it out. He's the professional - or at least is supposed to be. It's what you pay him for after all.
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    I thluight when somebody died like this with no known relatives or friends the local authority stepped in? Have they been involved yet?
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    Thanks lads. I'll follow your advices after the weekend
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    Coroners office will be in charge at the moment, they will need to do their searches to try and trace NOK. Police should have done initial search, though they are pretty useless to be honest ( I've never known them to do things properly!)

    IF no one is found it will pass to LB Hackney, who will need to enter flat and search for NoK, assets etc.

    You ( or the managing Agency) can't enter premises until they say so. IF the deceased left an estate you can claim against it for your costs.

    Any problems message me, I'll try and find out who deals with it in Hackney.
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    A lot different to your predicament ianment, but I once had a situation whereby i had to evict a tenant - so I approached a completely different letting agent who couldn't do enough for me because he wanted my business once the property was empty.

    Hope you get it sorted though, it can be a worry when a property is empty. Some people even end up with squatters. Don't forget to write to the local authority re: the council tax.
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    @Iainment Have contact details for Hackneys Protection of Property Officer for you. Can't DM you on my mobile, will try at lunchtime.
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    I'd have the body removed from the flat before it starts to smell.....
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    @Iainment Have contact details for Hackneys Protection of Property Officer for you. Can't DM you on my mobile, will try at lunchtime.
    Many thanks
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