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Well done Andy Thomson

Congratulations to Andy Thomson who yesterday won the World Indoor Bowls Championship.

Andy together with his two sons are all big Charlton fans. I have seen them at both home and away Charlton matches.

It is often mentioned on TV that Andy is a big Charlton fan, and it is good when one of our own wins such a big title.


  • Cheers Dickie, you've just made bowls a whole lot more interesting for me !

    Congratulations Andy
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    My assistant at work Alan will be fit to burst...........he bowls for Kent and knows Andy quite well. Alan bowls for The Windmill Club in Gravesend. I think Andy Thompson is a member at Blackheath.
    He (Alan that is) is in his mid 70's and his brother in law was Charlton left back Sid Ellis. Naturaly Alan supports us and I've got him along to a few games this season.
    He was also a spin bowling coach for Kent CCC back in the day.
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    Great achievement to win the world title again after a gap of 17 years.
    I used to know a couple of fellas from The White Hart in Eltham who knew him quite well and played bowls with and against him regularly.
    Good bloke by all accounts, so pleasing to see him doing well.
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    Great news- well done! We need him on the pitch to give him a good cheer and clap.
  • Nice one, had Andy and his family in the bar a few times a couple of years back. Good to see nice things happening to nice people.
  • Andy's son is a good mate of mine, really nice family.

    Congrats to Andy!
  • May not be seen as an interesting sport but it does have scandal. The fella in this story (another local lad originally , used to play for old colfiens) was Andy's pairs partner once upon a time.
  • Great news- well done! We need him on the pitch to give him a good cheer and clap.
    Definitely THIS! Airman - can you bring this to the club's attention?
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