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Supporters at work



  • Fans who go to games
    1 x Orient
    1 x City (lifer not bandwagon)
    1 x Arsenal

    dont go to games
    everyone bar 1 is Arsenal. The other supports Utd
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    On my floor:

    2 X Southend - One season ticket holder; one complete obsessive who goes to over 100 games every season inc. Southend reserves and youths.
    2 X Colchester - Both go to all homes and a few aways; one goes to a load of non-league as well.
    1 X Arsenal & Southend - Occasionally goes to both.
    1 X West Ham who has a season ticket at Norwich to go with friends
    1 X Charlton (me)
    1 X Man City - Couple of games a season, but has season ticket for Great Wakering Rovers.
    1 X Plastic West Ham
    1 X Plastic Spurs
    1 X Plastic Man Utd
    1 X Plastic Spain/Chelsea/Liverpool - only interested because he has a crush on Torres.

  • Over 400 people in my building so don't know about most! But, in my small department of 15, there is a Brentford fan and a Hudds fan. We have a good chat/laugh/cry about games and some well meaning banter! Do chat to two Chelsea fans, only one of which goes to the games.
  • In my office there are 3 of us. Apart from me
    1 West Ham
    1 Footballer hater

    In my previous office:
    4 Charlton
    1 Southampton
    1 Dartford
    6 Football haters
  • Not a big football going office but:

    Bizarrely 2 x Charlton (including me). When I saw her mug on her desk after she started I nearly fell over in shock! And she goes regularly too.
    1 x Milwall who goes occassionally.
    2 x Chelsea who never go but have done in the distant past
    1 x Newcastle who is currently having a self induced boycott (he says he's just fed up with the way football is going)
    1 x Arsenal who has never been
    1 x Ipswich who hasn't been in years
    2 x Yeovil, inc again another woman who does go to games and a bloke that doesn't
    1 x Leeds who never goes but is always banging on about how naughty their boys have been
    2 x Pompey, again neither of whom can be bothered

    Sadly, and this is a clue as to why they've had so much financial trouble, there is not a single Bournemouth fan in the office.
  • In my work group of 36, if you discount the women and blokes who don't appreciate the beautiful game I work with fans of -

    Sheffield United x 1
    York City x 2
    Hull City x 3
    Man Utd x 2
    Millwall x 1
    Liverpool x 1
    Brighton x 1
    Sunderland x 1
    Leeds United x 2

    Only the Man Utd and Brighton lads don't get to at least a few games a season.

  • 1 x Leeds who never goes but is always banging on about how naughty their boys have been

    Wouldn't bang on about that to much in Bournemouth!!
  • Usual mix of proper fans and plastic mugs at my place
    Charlton x2
    Tottenham x1
    Col U x1
    Everton x1
    Motherwell x1
    Celtic x1
    Chelsea x1 (the MD!)
    QPR x1
    Sporting Lisbon (though he doesn't commute to matches since emigrating!)

    (All 'proper')

    Liverpool x2
    Man Utd x2
    Arsenal x2

    (All plastics)

  • 4 CAFC including me, 2 season ticket holders and the other 2 go to the odd game
    1 Reading - Has a season ticket
    2 Liverpool - Armchair Fans
    2 Spurs - Supports them but can't afford a ticket, does that count????
    5 Man Utd - Only one out of 5 has a season ticket or goes to see them but still lives in Bexleyheath area
    1 Millwall
    1 Gillingham - Season ticket holder
    1 Sunderland - He comes from Sunderland and was a season ticket before he moved down south, keep reminding him of the playoffs lol
    1 - Chelsea, don't think they been to Stamford Bridge yet!

  • 1 CAFC
    1 West Ham
    1 Southampton
    1 Burnley
    1 Arsenal
    1 Spurs
    1 Dynamo Kiev (he's Ukrainan!)

    All except the Spurs lad attend games whenever they could...
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    Most of my colleagues at work are plastics. It is fun to catch out the plastic Chelsea fan who pretends he goes but couldn't tell you who they last played at home. One serious gooner who has a season ticket and gets to some away games including AC milan coming up. And apart from the gooner I can quite easily say I have been to more games of football than this lot of had hot dinners.

    2 x Watford ( 1 has season ticket 1 plastic )
    2 x Arsenal ( 1 has a season ticket and goes away 1 plastic )
    1 x Spurs ( Plastic )
    1 x Man United ( plastic )
    1 x Leeds ( plastic )
    1 x Chelsea ( plastic )
    1 x Liverpool ( plastic )
    1 x Coventry ( plastic )
    1 x Charlton ( goes to a few home games )
    1 x Palace ( PLASTIC! )
  • I Live in Lancashire, So this will be different. 7. Man City, (all before the arabs money). 5 Man Utd ( season ticket holders). 3 Man Utd( plastic). 6 Bolton, 2 Blackburn. 1 PNE. 1 Charlton (me ! ). 2 Chelsea ( forgiven, as they are both from London. 1. West Ham. 1 Spurs. 2 Rangers. 1 Celtic.
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    1 x CAFC (Me)
    2 x Everton
    4 x Arsenal (only one genuine)
    1 x Manure
    3 x Liverpool (all plastic)
    1 x Norwich
    1 x Southampton
    2 x QPR
    1 x West Ham
    1 x Peterborough
    1 x Watford
    1 x Juventus (Italian bloke)

    They're the only ones I know of...
  • I work in a firm of 14, half of which are birds, plus a couple of non-football following blokes. Seeing all the long lists above makes me jealous, I need some more like-minded people to grin at on a Monday morning when we keep winning every week.

    1 CAFC (me)
    1 Palace (season ticket holder, used to go away lots before kids, sound for a stripey)
    1 Wednesday (gets back up there for maybe 2 games a season - went up with him the other week)
    1 Leicester (plastic)
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