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Addicks down Under member returning home for 2 games in March!

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Hi all.

I'm lucky enough to be coming home from Oz after a few years away for a couple of weeks due to work.

The 2 things I really must do when back in blighty is go to a home and away game, and sing me bleeding heart out for the lads!!

Tel, I will write match reports for our site Addicks down Under for the boys.

I'll catch up with the family around that! Charlton first, then deal with the rest of em!

I'll be home for the bournemouth away and the tuesday home game v colchester after that.

I know I'll be able to get 2 tickets for the home game, but what would be the deal with securing 2 tickets for the bournemouth trip?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And Ian, Send me ya dads number bruv, and dont shag any birds in my bed!


Oz addick (Christian)


  • lol....have a great time to Ryan about tickets, if not Im sure someone here will be helpful.
  • Hello mate,

    Will send me old man's number to you mate, unfortunatly can't help with the Bournemouth tickets though, as think they will probably fly out the door. There is alway's the home end though, a mate of mine's Dad is/was (was about 3 years ago) on the board down there, so if you're really stuck I will get on to him for you son and see if he can sort anything out.

    How's tricks anyway? whereabouts is the rig now mate?

    P.S - Dont worry about your bed son - More fun to be had in the pool!! (will clean it out before you get back!)

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    Tel, I saw on the official website that valley gold members can buy tickets. As the ADU are, is it possible to get them that way?

    And are you comin over around the same time still? Be luvly to see ya mate.

    Ian, best be leavin my lilo well out of it son! You'll only put a hole in it pin dick!

    Missin ya, the pool and gaff mate, not in that order!

    The rig is sailing up the west coast of africa bruv, got 3 more weeks on ere till we get to the canary Islands, where i'll be flying back to London. Sorted amsterdam trip out wiv one on the PLI boys, sorting barca out this week. Ave it!!!

    You got that Viber app yet bruv? get that an then you can text me Laurie's number mate.

    And stock up on chlorine and shock for the pool! haha!
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