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Are they *that* difficult to produce?

Have been quoted big money for a very basic one. Seems like the latest IT money for old rope to me.

Any advice (bar kill yourself) would be appreciated.


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    Have no idea how difficult the technical aspects of producing an App are but I imagine that thinking of an idea that's needed or wanted is the really tough bit.
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    The company I work for will happy build you an app, 4 guys will knock one out in around a week for simple ideas, cost £2500 per day, each. I kid you not.

    My advise would be to get a graduate (that will not be able to find work) and pay them a few ££s, work will be just as good.
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    Discussions i've had with a relevant part of Microsoft would confirm Strasburger's comment - that students/graduates are a credible source of app development, and taken seriously by the big companies..
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