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Looking for Business Contacts

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This is a long shot, but I am looking for contacts in large companies which sell products internationally and need documentation to go with their products. I've got a business proposal which could save them hundreds of thousands of Euros in translation costs.

For example: the ideal contact for me would be the head of Technical Publications for GM Europe, or someone in a similar position at Sony.


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    Try LinkedIn
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    There are specific business clubs on Linkedin. Just type in the industry and see what comes up. Apply to join if they match. Best of luck.
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    Cheers guys - I'll look into that - I've made contact on there with an ex-colleague who's now very senior within the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, so LinkedIn is a good shout.
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    I thought this was going to be another thread about the Freemasons!
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    The chambers of commerce do a lot of documentation for companies trading internationally and their service includes translation - if you could save some of their translation costs.......
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    Do you have a contact Maglor?
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