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New User - TheFace

Please be Gentle with him to start with at least, as he is my Chelsea Supporting mate who has moved to Phoenix to be with his American girlfriend. I think he is missing football back home so I have asked him to join our little community. Thought we could do with another NON-Cafc poster.

I have known him for about 10 years or so now, gutted he left country as was/is one of my best mates. He is a non plastic Chelsea Fan S/Ticket holder in Matthew Harding Lower for several years now, BTW who has your season ticket now mate ?


  • welcome the site theface.

    Moving to get away from Ketman is understanding, Phoenix is a bit extreme though !
  • Thanks i know its a bit far but what can you do the man is a stalker!!!
  • Knowing paul also, i dont blame you!
  • awww, poor ketman, it was his b'day at the weekend, he got no happy b'day post for him and now you guys are being mean!!
  • Happy birthday ketman! will shout you a double on sat mate!
  • Welcome theface, we have a good bunch of "opposition" fans on here, Mortain, Son of Selhurst et al.

    Always good to hear an articulate alternative viewpoint.
  • Well Mortain anyway
  • Come on Neil I know you have been watching Prem football non stop over in the US of A & I fully expect a detailed analysis of our game versus the Whammies over the weekend, that's if you can drag yourself away from your Bucket of KFC chicken. Plus I could do with reading a neutral match report after this game as I am gonna find most of it was a blur after the state I am gonna get in that day.
  • edited February 2007
    i will be watching on the fox soccer channel with randy wakeman the thrid!!!!
  • welcome theface.
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  • In my day you never saw a "FACE" drinking a pint! then again you'll never see a bowl glass again,may the best team win.
    greetings from badger and welcome.
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