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Work Stuff - Presentation on Team Working

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I am leading a team day for the finance team. I want to improve team working and am going to use "one aim" etc and talk about Charlton (less boring than business stuff). Has anybody got any good team building exercises or youtube clips that i can use


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    One that I've used at school that was good fun is the paper folding game.

    You get a large paper (e.g. sheet of newspaper or flipchart paper), put it on the floor, and the object of the game is that all the members of the team (or split them into teams of 4-5 if it's a larger group) have to stand on the sheet of paper. Everyone has to be completely on the paper, they can't have e.g. on foot on the floor outside the paper (though one foot in the air is fine)

    If they succeed have to fold the paper in half, and try again. And then again and again until they can't do it anymore. If you have more than one team doing it, then the one who folds the most times wins.

    Worked brilliantly with my kids - it was amazing how small they ended up getting the paper and how inventive they were finding different ways to stand on it!
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    I'm training unemployed at the moment, I think they may kill each other with that exercise. My last group who I have for 8 days, after 3 hours one girl told me that if another girl disrespected her again she would drag her by the hair across the road and sort her out. The positive side of it was she would wait till she was off the building so as to not affect us.
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