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Dowie wins first game at Coventry

Beat Soton 2-1.
I'm glad for the fella.


  • Im not, the bloke has a large part to play in our downfall tbh.

    This may just be a false dawn, like our win over Bolton was.
  • Me neither. Hes an incompetent fool.

    Spent money on crap players, had no idea about man management or tactics.

    Good 1st team coach but shouldn't be a manager.
  • i'm completely irrelevent, already i don't associate him with us in any way.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]i'm completely irrelevent.
    There is no need to be quite so harsh on yourself AFKA.
  • ambivalent?
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]i'm completely irrelevent. quote]

    First ime I've agreed with you for ages son!
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