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QM2 & QE2

I see on the news that they have both arrived in Sydney harbour today - man that QM2 is one big mother!

The QE2 was docked there when I went to Sydney. Wish I was there now!


  • Superb sight - the QM2 was awesome coming through the twin heads - It dwarfs the QE2. Sydney almost came to a stand still whilst the QM2 docked at Garden Island Woolomoloo. The other sight was seeing the QE2 come into Sydney harbour passing QM2 with both ships sounding their horns and the water canons going off too. There was the typical firework display at Dennison point in the evening before the QM2 set sail to Hong Kong at 11:15pm. The majextic way in which she just reversed out of the dock and set off out of the harbour was something else too. Shame the ship didn't stay around for a couple of days so that a lot of people could have a closer look.

    Yes, you did miss something special.

  • Rub it in. It's pissing with rain here.
  • i was reading about that last night and comparing sizes. I saw the QE2 dock in sydney once so that QM2 must be one huge mofo!
  • size isn't everything you know!
  • Its only 28c here in Sydney but I would swap it for being at the valley on saturday. Just have to relie on the text messages throughout the night, although I have heard its being shown live here at 2am.
  • where you staying in sydney?
  • Neutral Bay. But off to visit friends in Gourbourne this weekend which is apparently in the middle of nowhere with no satelite tv for miles. Just hope I can get a signal for my phone.

    Next stop Tokyo.
  • beautiful. you lucky thing.
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