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Talking of old skool memories.. All u dance heads (think thats me & you ketters)

remember camber sands weekenders?!?!?!?!

Ahh what great times i had there...
Dreamscape, World dance (before i got into PROPER dance music!!)
Still got loads of the fliers, passes etc now!!!! The best times!!

Then on the sunday/monday after, everyone trying to find out about the afterparties... escorts to the middle of nowhere to carry on the weekend festivities!!!!!

Live the dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  • Been to a few far flung fields for the illegal raves held in farmers Fields that went on for about three days until the old bill found out & tried to shut them down. Good harmless fun. World Dance not really my thing, but my ex flatmate used to love all that stuff. He thought he was the next DJ Dougall but he played more like the one off Magic Roundabout, he was pelt. Happy memories though, I used to go to the Four Aces Club for the odd Rave on a Saturday Night/Sunday morning in my time.
  • Laserdrome was for me the best club in the world. Absolutely intense atmosphere.
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