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Making Bradford British

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anyone else watch this programme last night on C4? Admittedly they were mixing up a variety of reality tv formats and probably didn;t do Bradford too many favours but I found it interesting viewing nonetheless.


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    Agree, I thought it was interesting, worth a look. Let's hope it develops though, can't just be more of the same to keep the series going
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    I watched the first episode and I wonder where it's going and what the point of it is. Hopefully it is more than just a piece of sensationalist tripe which reinforces people's prejudices.
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    I didn't see the programme but one of my daughters went to uni with a (white) girl from Bradford and she (the girl from Bradford) said that there is a form of voluntary apartheid there in that the Asian and white populations live their own lives in their own areas and attend their own schools.

    It would be about 7 or 8 years ago that she told my daughter this.

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