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Fundraising for Kids Party in Bangladesh

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If you are not interested in doing this, that is fine (just don't comment). I understand life is hard and money is tight and many may think that charity begins at home,

So hear goes:
My friends work with street children in Bangladesh. Each year she fund raises to takes 300 children to a water park in Dhaka so that they can have fun . These children don't have the chance to be carefree very often - most of them are working children who have been able to attend some school thanks to various charities and shelters around the city. For them this is a day of fun, and who can begrudge them that.

This year she needs money to make this happen and is falling short of her fundraising target by €1900, if you can donate anything she, i and more importantly the children will be very grateful.

At work we are having a cake sale tomorrow, to quote Tesco - every little helps and we would be grateful for your help if you can donate a little.
Many Many Thanks


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    Nice. Have made a little one. Hope they have a lovely day.
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    Small donation from me. Sounds like a really worthwhile project - it's not just that the kids have some fun, it broadens their horizons as well.
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    Thanks folks, very grateful
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