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Merv The Swerve


A great number 8 for Wales and two victorious British Lions teams.


  • RIP to a great player and a great man.
  • RIP - a shame he couldn't have hung on for a few more days and perhaps witness another GS for Wales.
  • Very sad but what a great ambassador.
    May he rest in peace.
  • Great man great player great ambassador for what rugby and sport is all about sad day great loss. Wales will know he will be watching over them tomorrow Cymru Am Byth
  • I'm shocked. He was one of my rugby heroes back in the 70's. Wales had an awesome team back then. RIP Merv.
  • When sport was a passion not a pound note

    RIP Mervyn
  • edited March 2012

    A treat for the Old Gits and a chance for the youngsters to see how it was...

    RIP Merv and Ray Gravell too...
  • Great find Len...
  • Magic.
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Roland Out!