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Any thoughts on our chances with Humperdinck? There is something quite haunting about the song - and at least he should be able to stay in tune, unlike some of our recent entrants....


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    edited March 2012

    we wont win.
    we could put together a super group of famous dead musicians, jimmy hendrix, janis joplin, keith moon and john lennon and we still would get less points than some fat bitch that sounds like a seagull being mutilated entry by moldovia.

    its all politics.
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    I don't mean to be harsh - but this is shite.

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    Heard worse........... but no, it's not a winner.
    I think it's about time we pulled out....the whole thing is a cringe worthy farce nowadays.
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    Nice song although it probably won't win. But wow, what a voice for a 75 year old! Puts to shame many of today's artists who would be lost outside of a recording studio. Nice fellow as well apparently, loves his Leicester City, I wonder if Powelly knows him.
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    It would be disapointing if we won it - It's fun having a laugh at the expense of the biased europeans. Less fun when our song is rubbish as well though, as it was last year and in previous years as you need a bit of an injustice to really enjoy the whole ridiculousness of it all.
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    When I first heard that EH had been chosen I thought that it was to show how fed up we (via the BBC) are with the whole thing and to show our disrespect we were picking a no-chance OAP just to spite them. But it's a pleasant ditty, sung well enough but will have no chance up against the Balkan super groups. In fact EH will have more chance of pulling one of the Siberian singing grandmas than winning this one: though one or two will be too old for him, I believe.
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    erm ...................................... i hate it !
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    We'll never win it again. Nobody likes us and we don't care.

    Strange choice, but I suppose we've tried everything else.
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    The Russian Grannies will storm it, we are the Millwall of Eurovision, best bet is watch it and play the Euro Drinking Game, by the time the judging starts you will be too wasted to care
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