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NACOSS Gold engineer ?

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Hi - I am struggling to find one of these in the Surrey area to move my intruder alarm. Can't find much on Google.

Any help ?


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    Would it not be cheaper to have new one installed?
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    I don't know - just need the control box moving 2 foot
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    Sorry, I thought you were moving home.
    There's not a great deal inside them if you have plenty of cable anyone with little DIY skills should be able to do it, Dont forget to isolate the tamper switch or it will make your ears bleed.
    I'd help you out, but I'm a bit to far away.
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    Thanks chap - we'll try and move it without disturbing any wiring, I have no idea of any codes or tamper switches !
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    If it goes off, keep hitting it with a hammer.
    where do you live?
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    Normally when you remove the front cover it will go off, somewhere on the inside of the cover you will find a spring which presses against a switch (By now you ears are hurting) tape the switch to keep it pressed in and reset your alarm using your pin. This is based on how I moved mine ADT robbing gits wanted 150 quid : (
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    150, money grabbing bastards. I can install you a brand new wireless one for 350.

    @pl54 message me.
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