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Henry Special-Brew RIP

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The Bournemouth coroner is searching for relatives of Henry Alfred Special-Brew who died on Tueday aged 71. He changed his name from Hind to Special Brew in 1992 because of his love for the strong lager. However, he recenly claimed that he had given up alcohol and had changed his name to Henry Alfred Irn-Bru. Any Special-Brews on here?


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    According to an article in this weeks Spectator in praise of SB, Leo McKinstry says that Winston Churchill was a fan. The drink was created by Carlsberg in 1950 to celebrate the visit of Churchill to Copenhagen.
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    I used to like it but one night had too many and now the smell of it makes me feel ill.
    You can add Bacardi, Malibu, Southern Comfort and Oysters to that list.....
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