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Google problem

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When you put in the name of a local Dr's surgery into google, on the first google page it gives a telephone number for my business and not that of the surgery, hence we are getting a lot of calls thinking we are the surgery and people obviously irritated that duff info is on google. So how can I get this changed? Anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance


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    I wouldn't have thought so, but it could be because your site contains meta tags or keywords which make your site, for whatever reason, show in the search results.
    Or your company could have a similar name to the Dr surgery?

    Your web host may have a facility to produce a report which shows which key words or meta tags are used to direct people to your site.

    Or, google themselves could help:!forum/webmasters

    Do people say the results just give your telephone number, or does a link to your site show in the search results?

    It could be that one of those 'helpful directory sites' such as business magnet or touch local etc, have you listed incorrectly, or even have put your tel no against the surgery listing.

    About 11 years ago or so, my mobile number was printed in error in the yellow pages, luckily for a Piano Tuner, so I didn't get too many calls.
    According to the Yellow Pages, the piano tuner, who was blind, proof read the advert!
    They sent me £ 150.00 for the inconvinience.
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    Nice one P U, I make you appears that Qype have put a review, link and phone number.... Can see how to get that changed, thanks very much
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    @Latimer - Hi mate. I've been having a lot of trouble with my back lately. Finding it difficult to lift things etc.
    Any chance you could have a look at it for me..........?
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