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Barry Kitchener

He has died today age 64, short battle with cancer - I know he played for the dark side but RIP


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    He has died today age 64, short battle with cancer - I know he played for the dark side but RIP
    Indeed. Made the most appearances for them at one time, although I think Stevens subsequently overtook him, but could be wrong with that last bit.

    A permanent feature for them for many years rather like Keith Peacock was for us.


  • Real Millwall legend very good centre back who I always had wished had played for us RIP.
  • People seem to be dropping like flies. RIP :-(
  • RIP Big Kitch.
  • Sad to see anybody taken by this disease. R.I.P.
  • I am shocked at this news. Cancer claims another ex athlete. RIP Lord Barry
  • Rip a thorn in many a charlton side well all.
  • That's sad. He was a very loyal, very tough centre-back.

    A lot of other London clubs had stalwart defenders in those days. I guess our stalwart was Les Berry, Barry Kitchener was Millwall's (preceded by Harry Cripps), Steve Perryman at Spurs, Micky Droy at Chelsea, Jim Cannon at Crystal Palace, Les Strong at Fulham, Ian Gillard at QPR, Billy Bonds at West Ham, David O'Leary at Arsenal. I know nearly all of those played for other clubs too but they came from an age when they would be instantly associated with one club. There are a few similar players today (John Terry) but they are harder to think of.

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  • RIP Big Man!
  • A great clubman for Millwall, always played hard, but fair against us. I'm sure at one time he owned/managed the Shard Arms in the Old Kent Road. RIP a great footballer for Millwall.
  • So sad to hear this - only 64. Real Millwall hero from the days when our players never fancied it against the likes of Big Kitch.
  • Old School Footballer, remember even in his playing days he had a Green Grocers shop in the old kent road. After training he would be round there.

    Many a happy night in the Alderton Road end abusing him. God Bless him/
  • Very sorry to hear this. Used to see him every morning on my way to school. Often used to stop for a chat. He was a gentle giant and despite being Millwall was a nice fella. I remember speaking to him the day before our game at Orient where we needed a draw to avoid relegation. He said he'd had a chat with his old mate Terry Brisley the day before and was confident we'd get the point we needed.
    RIP big fella
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    Hate to say anything good about The Spanners but in this instance I have to relent. He was a fine player who gave many years of loyal service. This despite playing for a club who (particularly at that time), used to be continuously in the firing line from all and sundry, he always gave of his best and kept his nose clean.
    As one or two others have already mentioned, he was very much 'old school.'

    RIP Barry Kitchener RIP.
  • He was in a very good Smallwall side---Possie, Weller,Brown,Dornei,King,Crips etc i HATED em.

    Owned a boozer at the New Cross end of Deptford High Street for a short while (burned down).

    RIP Kitch
  • RIP Big Fella.
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    One of the true 'Old Skool' footballers gone.

    I'm sure 99% of Millwall fans would have him over the current crop they've got there.

  • RIP Kitch. The thought of that early 1970's Millwall team with Kitchener at the heart of it still scares me. I always thought they should have been far more successful or did they just save their best for us?
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    Formed a great defensive partnership with Dennis Burnett and we always had a job scoring against them. RIP.
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    Really sad to hear this, proper old school ch and geezer - RIP big man
  • Very sorry to hear that. He was a great one club man and deservedly a hero down at the Den. He and Harry Cripps didn't take too many prisoners. R.I.P.
  • RIP, real character
  • Real Millwall legend.

    Cornerstone of that Benny Fenton side with amongst others...... Harry Cripps, Eamon Dunphy, Derek Possee and Keith Weller.
  • No doubt one of their greats. RIP big man.
  • As oggy mentioned he was a Millwall Legend, think he made over 600 apperances for them, a no nonsense centre back.
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