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Parking in Woolwich

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The yellow line restrictions now apply every day.


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    So do the signs read...Monday to Sunday?
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    Not that it affects me, but is there any justification for this (e.g a survey showing traffic on Sunday is now as busy as the rest of the week)? Or is it just a way for the council to make a few bob in fines from unsuspecting motorists used to parking on Sunday with no problem?
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    Might be way off the mark here but has it got anything to do with the Olympics, or is this a permanet thing?
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    The signs now just show 0830 to 1830. Permanent by the look of it.

    Bet there's free Sunday parking in the Tesco megastore car park when it opens. Now which company paid for the new Civic Centre?

    Wardens are very active too.
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