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serious petition!!!!!! must sign


despite being a royalist....i'm soooo up for this idea!


  • No way...Im not having that.
  • oh but it'll be fun!
    maybe the england players will give a shit about singing the anthem if it was changed???
  • your mental you are!
  • you're calling me mental? i've just seen that pic of you :-p
  • lol! fair doos!
  • Only if all the players have a wedge.
    edited February 2007
    Hey suz, you gave me an idea! I have been meaning to do this for a week now! Read this, and would anyone here sign it???

    'Please click on the link below to confirm that you wish the
    Number 10 website to display the petition at the bottom of this
    email in your name.

    Your petition reads:

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Please ban
    the new halifax advert

    the one with the horrible woman who thinks she can sing and
    dance sexily. Its awful, and after you think its finished there
    is a second follow up advert! Truly awful.

    Thank you for submitting your petition.

    [ This email has been automatically sent by the Number 10
    petitions system ]'

    That advert is worse than the one with that stoopid howard mug, and i ahave only caught it once!
    TV = Idiot box
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