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Record Store Day 2012

Today is National Record Store Day.
Hundreds of bands/artists have released limited edition vinyl to be released this morning across the country in support of independent record shops.
I have been sat outside Rounder Records since 5.30 this morning. The people in front of me got here at 2am.

Anyone else outside a shop this morning?


  • I'm outside Sister Ray, 250 in front of me, will probably give up as I have to take my son to his football group
  • What time did you get there? Anything in particular you want? I can pick one up if your quick
  • Im off to queue at my local in a minute, would be nice to score, Bowie pic disk. Sex Pistols, Pharcyde and Noel Gallagher's HFB
  • Bloody huh prices. the Pete townsend obey was 40 quid. all singles started at 7.50
  • Morning Walshie, I got here at 7 and it's very cold! I'm trying to get Luna's LP Rendevous if you can get it, it's 23 quid though. Are you going to the game today?
  • Sold out mate
  • Cheers Anyway!
  • Hope you got what you wanted though?
  • Been queuing in Thomas Street since 11.00 last night hoping to buy the latest Soft Machine album from Furlongs... when I woke up, it seemed to have disappeared
  • I heard Walshie sells most of the ones he buys. I think that's what I was told , something about flogging his seven inches
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  • They only had 2 of the LP at this shop and they went first apparently.
    Luckily they didn't have everything I wanted. Spent 160 quid. The price of singles started at £7.50 and the Quadrophenia Demos LP cost £40.
    I went to the 2010 and 2011 ones. All the singles were under a fiver with the LPs from £10-£20.
    Seems they are hiking the prices right up to squeeze as much out of us as possible.
    I got:
    Noel Gallagher HFB
    Pete Townsend - Quad Demos
    The Beat
    Arctic Monkeys
    Velvet Underground
    Inspiral Carpets
    Graham Coxon
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl Sessions
    White Stripes
    Field Music
    Caitlin Rose
    Hot Chip
  • @buckshee you interested ;-)
  • Nah mate. I'm too busy flogging my limited edition ten inch
  • Van Susans are playing an acoustic set at Head Record Store in Bromley as part of Record Store Day. It'll be a stripped down Van Susans though as I'll be at The Valley watching us become Champions!
  • Walshie did you get the Arctic Monkeys Suck it and see, or just the R U mine vinyl? I was just curious to see if the have released the suck it and see today?
  • Thank you
  • Got Bowie starman pic disk
    Morrrissey pic disk
    and Gorillaz

    missed Noel G HFB and sex pistols by 1 person
  • So that time came again, anyone make purchases today ? Just Bowie rock n roll suicide for me
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  • Big swerve this year.

    Record companies seem to have got too much of a hold and are ruining it.
    All of the releases are bloody pricey now
    90% are crap re-issues
    I rarely buy re-issues anyway, so que8ueing up to pay over inflated prices for them wasnt for me.

    Sensible prices
    New material
    I will be there queueing at 4am with 500 quid in my pocket.

    I also noticed from twitter pics, other people have given it a swerve. Queues seem alot shorter this year.
  • I nearly did the same, changed my mind 20mins before opening... Good thing about living in the sticks is even leaving it that late we were only 50th in the queue
  • Lots of stuff i wanted but a shortage of cash put they kybosh on that.
  • Lots of stuff i wanted but a shortage of cash put they kybosh on that.

    Ask @c.Walsh'slovechild D, gave him my collection, please take anything that might interest you.
  • A lot of stuff on e-bay at way over the top prices
  • Still gutted about not getting Luna's Rendevous four years ago. Haha

    Anyone up early tomorrow?
  • A few things of interest but i'm saving my dosh for Desertfest at the end of the month.
  • Tried it once but found the shop I visited had reserved all the decent records for their regular visitors. Which I suppose is their prerogative but it's totally put me off bothering since.
  • Unfortunately not.

    Would like a couple off of the list. Anyone going?
  • I'll be going to a new record shop in Barnet, but I doubt it'll have a lot as it's a tiny place. The bloke said he'd be doing 'something' for record store day, but I don't know what that means.
    I've just started buying vinyl again and trying to work out the pricing is an interesting one. Last time I bought an album on vinyl was about 1990 when I suppose I would pay about £6-7. Is that the equivalent of £20-25 today? It seems like quite a lot, but that could be because far fewer are produced now.
    Spending £25 on a record that I've already got on CD and downloaded on Spotify makes absolutely no sense, but that's what I appear to be doing.
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