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Real vs Bayern

Ronaldo has killed this game early on, am I the only one who thinks Real look more dangerous than Barcelona? They are more direct, they move the ball around quicker and have some height about them as well, I can see them mullering Chelsea if they get to the final


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    I agree .. Jose is a near genius as a football manager/coach/motivator .. as for mullering Chelsea ? .. I don't think so, Real will win but will certainly know that they have been in a game
  • I said they will muller them as I believe Ozil, Ronaldo, Di Maria etc. will be too much for Chelsea's weakened backline. Ronaldo running at Boswinga and Luiz is going to get pretty messy imo. but hey it may not happen what with the penalty!
  • but .. now 2-1 .. good game
  • Cmon Bayern! I don't know why but I have a soft spot for German football after the last World Cup.

    I also hate that whistling thing Spannish fans do, I hope it doesn't catch on here.
  • I factt think Real will be winning on away goals - in fact I know they won't
  • this is a corker could be 4-4 already
  • jeeeeeeeee .. that could'a been another penalty .. having sais what a great team RM is, their defence and keeper don't look too clever at all
  • Bayern singing 'We sent the Palace down'
  • I think Bayern look the better side. Dodgy penalty for Real's first. I think Chelsea are better at the back than both of these.
  • German effciency .. but there is hardly a German in the current side
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  • real are getting rattled
  • Helps having Ronaldo! I think Messi is better but Ronaldo might have been more use yesterday - could have had a pop from outside the box at least.
  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat game so far
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    Does anyone else look at Robben in that skintight kit and think of Goldmember in Austin Powers?

    'Yesh, you look toight, yesh, toight like a toiger'
  • hahahaha
  • Yeah! Chelski vs Bayern, thats a match and a half.
  • The "special one" was right - won't be a Chelsea - Madrid final. Clever feller.
  • So Bayern v chelski

    Who's going to win that one??
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  • chelsea
  • Gomez.... what a shite player for one that has scored nearly 40 goals.
  • A Sergio Ramos penalty is like drinking absinthe. The come down happens after about 4 hours.
  • Was cheering for Bayern throughout this and was well chuffed that they pulled through. Also think it makes for a better final than an all spanish affair...............
  • the spanish la liga wankathon has disappeared

  • the spanish la liga wankathon has disappeared

    Like it Oohaah, like it!

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    After 2-0 I thought it 'was all over' .. But no, like Barca before them, Real imploded. I suspect that due to the euro wide media acclamation and internal success, the two Iberian 'superclubs' think that they have a divine right to win everyting, commit fouls and get away with it and to fall over willy nilly and be granted unwarranted free kicks from compliant and adoring referees. The thing is RealBarca .. you been sussed !!! .. like Liverpool, your day has cum and gorn
  • German effciency .. but there is hardly a German in the current side

    Is that a joke? Sorry if I didn't pick it up, but Bayern had seven Germans in their 11, and one Austrian who came through the youth team. Their first team squad is packed with Germans, way more than any top English side: prob since the dog days of Butt, Beckham and P Neville at United.

    Well that's Mourinho back in England next year. Bayern were very brave, they committed men in the center and on the overlap after Real's first goal went in. They went for it as soon as they needed to score, and didn't hold back even when they let another goal in. As soon as they scored their full backs barely ever over loaded risking few overlaps, and both central midfielders dropped deeper. Sensible, but was bound to shut the game down. Ribery and Robben weren't so effective as they didn't have someone bombing on dragging the opposition full back away or distracting them.

    Bayern were shot in extra time as they'd done all the running, but swapping Benzema for Kaka slowed their attack down. Kaka needs space between midfield and defence, and without it he slows the match down in the centre allowing the defensive midfielder to pressure ball on the odd occasion they're caught out. Benzema was superb all night, pulled defenders all over the place.

    Personally Kaka proved he'd be a failure in the prem, and against aggressive central midfielders he'd have a shocking winter in England. No doubt be excellent in the warm days of late summer, then trail off terribly: bit like Deco. Whereas if the next coach at Real prefers smoother attacking talent to Benzema, he's got to be a cert at Chelsea to replace Drogba: especially if Mourinho's back there.
  • Lol Liga
  • @ColinTat .. German Efficiency? .. that was intended as a reference to the Chelsea defence .. i.e. efficient with no germans .. on reflection neither very clear nor very funny. And it is so annoying that germany can still turn out a large number of young, high quality players .. unlike (it seems) England and Scotland. The Irish turn out quite a few though, in rugby as well .. i suspect it is a question of national morale and attitude.
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