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Welling in the Playoffs

Anyone else going to make the journey to watch Welling in the Blue Square South playoffs? Their home game will be on the 6th of May if my calculations are correct.... I for one will probably make the journey. And if they make it to the final against Darford I will probably go to Dartford for that too

(I have a soft spot for them because I play as them in Football Manager when I fancy a challenge).... I'll get my coat...


  • We should all actively go and support them
  • Bit more detail....
    Blue Square Bet South play-off details:


    First Leg - 2nd May 2012

    Second Leg - 6th May 2012


    Sunday 13th May 2012 at the highest placed club

    If Welling make it through there is every chance Dartford would too... In which case it would be a Dartford v Welling Final... Not a million miles away either.
  • We should all actively go and support them
    Yeah that's what I thought... Dates don't conflict with any of our games either.
  • My eldest lad is a Welling Season Ticket holder and despite the fact he will be in the middle of Uni exams would not miss any of the playoff matches for the world.

    Thankfully, I managed to convert my youngest boy to be an Addick before his brother indoctrinated him!
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