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Free-Kick Specialists

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We are fortunate to have 2 quality FK specialists on the side.

Jackson and Kermorgant. Both of these guys are incredible at striking a dead ball from 25 yards+ out with precision accuracy.
What also makes it special is how jacko is lefty and kermy righty. The goalkeeper cant favor a side on a FK because when both these gents are on top of the ball its ridiculously difficult. I was just going through some of kermys FK's when he was playing in France and they are all top draw. And we all know what jacko can do alone. (think both Sheffield matches this year mixed with his multiple spotkicks)

Is there a better FK taker in League1 right now then our 2 specialists ???


  • Add to those two, Danny Green scored a couple of excellent free kicks for the Daggers last season. Not getting near the front of the queue now though.

    Sam Saunders at Brentford takes an excellent free kick, but think Kerm is the best.
  • Miguel Llera?
  • The importance of goal scoring free kick experts in this era of superbly marshalled and aggressive defences cannot be overstated. You are dead right addick16, we are lucky .. but remember .. practice makes perfect
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    Some of JJ's finest work:

    and Yann:

    Has there been a season when we've ever scored this many free kicks?
  • i cant remember a season where we scored so many FK's myself. Its honestly down to the quality jacko and kermy posses, absolute class these 2 footballers.
  • I'd love to see a tap sideways then a Stephens smash into the netting
  • I'd love to see a tap sideways then a Stephens smash into the netting
    You mean like this? :

  • I'd love to see a tap sideways then a Stephens smash into the netting
    You mean like this? :

    Yes! His strike at home against Bury showed he could keep it down. It would either go in or kill a guy in the wall!

  • When Kerm and JJ were standing over the ball against Wycombe I had no idea which would take it - and I bet their keeper felt the same. Both superb strikers of a dead ball (but I still favour JJ on penalties!!!)
  • Am I right in thinking JJ has scored every penalty this season? How many have we had?

    I'd love to see Kermorgant take one against Leicester next season. My guess is that he would absolutely smash it..............
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    Agree totally with addick16. Don't forget Stevens though, he adds to the party. Can't say I've seen any better in this division.

  • Danny Green would have easily banged in a couple had he been able to get to the front of the queue.
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    Am i right in saying Wiggins also used to take free kicks for Bournemouth?
  • Lee Cook also takes a good left footed free kick as we learnt to our cost the other season.
  • Lots of talent in the team green & wiggins are special dead ball strikers but are being bossed out by the older players maybe they feel time is running out.
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