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what are my chances? cairo to Preston

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I arrive at heathrow @ 10.15 am Saturday morning. I guess by the time I clear customs, it'll be closer to 11 am.
how long does it take to drive to Preston from London? well I get there in time for kickoff?


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    220 miles ....3.5 to 4 hrs.

    It's a close one.
  • It'll be a close one, but good luck. Go up the M40 - it's much quicker. Use the M6 toll (avoid driving on M6 through Brum at all costs) and you should be fine.
  • I reckon you'll make the second half...Good luck
  • tickets on sale at Preston?
  • Yes mate.

    Youre bonkers. If you're not on the road by 11 then don't talk yourself into it.
  • he who dares afka! ill see how I go, if I can I will.
  • A tough call. It will probably take you 2 hours to clear Heathrow. Long queues at passport control tonight according to the Beeb.
  • thanks spooney. it doesn't look good for me
  • Your only chance would be to fly to Manchester and there don't seem to be any connecting flights, and anyway you are probably in the air now. If you land really early and if you clear custons, go straight to a BA desk and ask about flights in case one is delayed or something. But don't bother, frankly. Preston is a dump. We have won this league.
  • C'mon Oz - you can do it.
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  • Fingers firmly crossed Oz
  • go onnnnnn, Oz mate
  • Good luck oz. Hope it all works for you
  • Am I the only one watching this thread to see what time Oz clears immigration? And once he gets past that lot, he still has to collect his car. Best of luck Oz!!
  • It will take 2 - 3 hours to clear customs!
  • @ozaddick

    Alwrite Mush, how you getting on? Hopefully no delays!!!

    Will give you a bell tomorrow son, take it your still on the same UK number?

    All the best for getting 'oop north' mate.
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    this is almost as exciting as shooters thread about being stuck on a train!?

    GO ON OZ... ONE AIM!!!
    I know your gunna make it .
  • failed lads. some selfish bastard who was sitting next to me on the flight decided to fall ill and we had to make a detour and land in Serbia to get him to hospital, delayed me by over 2 hours. I did explain to him while he was still conscious that I needed to get to Preston, but he was busy dealing with what turned out to be a heart attack. hopefully he is ok.
  • Unlucky Oz. Somethings are more important than football (barely....)
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  • yeah, it was quite serious cat. poor bloke was in a bit of strife.
  • and I was through customs in under 5 minutes!
  • Typical! Wherever I've bags of time I breeze through, whenever I'm in a rush it's like waiting for a pint ay the Oak...
  • yeah but sods law if I'd of landed at 10.15, the queue would of been massive!
  • Enjoy Hartlepool next week ozaddick deserve it
  • Gutted you got to miss the game Oz, at least you weren't the guy sitting next to you, hope he's ok.
  • Sorry to hear that Oz....could happen to anyone, I suppose. I hope that next Saturday vs Hartlepool makes up for your disappointment.

    Have a good stay in Blighty.
  • I must say when I saw your schedule I thought too tight, something will go wrong. I'm sure you had an inkling about that as well.
  • cheers fella's. it was always going to be touch and go rob. I can't wait for next Saturday! I did send out a positive thought to the bloke last night, hope he's ok too.
  • oz. Don't you think that some people are so inconsiderate and have no thought for others??????????
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