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After Hartlepool

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After the Wembley playoff win in 1998 I had a few beers with the Sunderland fans in Wembley and then went home to a party at my mate's place. I later found out that loads of CAFC fans had gone to Trafalgar Square and gone in the fountains. I was really sad to miss it. But at least I made the parade the next day.

Does anyone know if something similar is planned this year and will there be a parade with the trophy???


  • what people going to Trafalgar square?
  • They're parading the trophy up Charlton church lane on the 6th
  • what time will that be?
  • I dunno about the fountains in Trafalgar Square, but I'll likely be having a bath the next day - if anyone fancies it?
  • happy birthday for the 6th off it.
  • sorry to point out the obvious but its the fa cup final right after the game pretty sure most people will be watching that
  • we went back to The Rose of Denmark and watched it all again on tv. After that we got to Charlton station and waited about a minute for the train.
  • What time can you make it @fog horn?
  • Any time is ok with me. If i was to put a time down it would only start another argument.
  • what price a waterlogged pitch on Saturday??
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  • after Hartlepool am going to the Turnpike in Welling, not Trafalgar Square.

    once i've had a few bravery bevvies, might think about invading somewhere.
  • After the match I'm going to invade the pitch. And by pitch I mean someone's front garden. I'm going to run onto it and sing "Champagne and champions" whilst swigging a can of Strongbow and jumping up and down.
  • Everyone on the pitch will be lifted so we can all have a drink when we get bailed.
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