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froch vs bute

The cobra has biten the wrong person for me

Lucian to take him out inside 7

Love froch but bute is an animal of a different kind than Carl


  • Bute to win in the 10th

    Last fight for the cobra

    Hope im wrong
  • Got to respect Froch. Never shirks anyone. Cant remember the last time he was in with anyone who wasnt rated.
  • Bute within 7 for me.
  • Froch will fight anyone that is for sure never ever ducked one never ever not gone for it when the bell goes but bute is an animal pure and simple

    If froch can pull this off will go down as a great great win , I would proberly rate it as a better achievement than hatton vs Costa Tzu
  • Never seen Bute, so looking forward to it
  • This fight could be good frampton didn't perform to his best last time out but the potential is there ,

    He needs a test and tonight he has one
  • Not really seeing anything from frampton to match the hype
  • Froch fights anyone & everyone, something that he deserves a great deal of credit & respect for. He has a great chin fancy him to take a decision in front of his home crowd. Bute hasn't fought away from home before...
  • Bute has never been an away fighter, don't think he has been tested as much as Carl.
    That works both ways though, Froch has had so many tough fights it could work against him.

    I love Froch, fights the best there is and usually in their back yard, gets a lots less press than he deserves and frustrates me that he is an 'unknown' by so many that are not into boxing yet the same people have heard of Khan and Haye etc. Just my opinion but personally think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

    Think he might nick this one on points.

    If he gets stopped I think he'll retire, 1 hard fight too many.
  • Froch to win withiin 8 rounds!
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  • What an atmosphere there, really looking forward to this now
  • Great first round
  • Froch always looks scared to me but then jumps In and bangs that is why I love watching the lad

    He is a true warrior
  • Good Round for froch he caught him sweet there and hurt him
  • wow!
  • what a round
  • What a round for Froch come on lad!
  • What a round that was.
  • Fuking wow comec on Carl knock this fuka out what a rd
  • double wow
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  • Froch all over him, fair play to Bute though how is he still standing?
  • Triple wow saved by the bell or what
  • all over
  • Made that look easy!
  • How wrong was I

    Brilliant performance
  • totally deservered
  • Well done Froch. One-sided.
  • Best fight I have ever seen from carl froch I am bouncing in here woke the kids up

    Carl froch you fuking destroyed him I appologise for doubting you

    That was the best ever
  • Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
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