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Southeastern Trains during the Olympics

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Special timetables will be running during the Olympics & Paralympics.

Sidcup/Bexleyheath/Woolwich line is attached.

Everything else is here


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    I love a thread about trains but one with a timetable !? Quality...
  • I aim to please!
  • Cheers FB.

    On a seperate note, I got a leaflet delivered by the Royal Mail telling me that they'd still be serving me during the Olympics - how very benevolent of them; I'd naturally expected the entire country to come to a complete standstill!
  • Yes I got one of those. So I assume that our postie will still save everything up for Friday like usual.
  • Pardon my ignorance but i use my phone for train times

    Sidcup line looks the same to me as normal for them morning rush hour, is that correct?
  • Yep looks that way.
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